26th Birthday

I was right, birthdays can only get better and better!

Started my morning with a complimentary spa at The Ultimate, which came with complimentary dessert, boiled papaya and white fungus (my fav!), so it was really nice, but I still prefer my masseuse at Subtle Senses. :p

Met MZ for lunch, and we bought a nice dress at $18 (damn cheap!). Wanted to get a bigini for ZoukOut and my Bali trip, but cannot find one that fit me (OD-ed on rice and too fat now) with prints that I like. Supposed to meet cousins, but SC made major boo-boo. Then went to Grand Shanghai to have dinner with my awesome colleagues! Panda sent me a surprise bouquet at work, which my colleagues brought to the restaurant for me. πŸ™‚ First time receiving flowers at work, and from a surprise sender too!


Evonne made a guest appearance to give me the present (which everybody – colleagues, ex-colleagues, Flying friends – shared!). I’m so touched, cos they really made so much effort for me. Cannot help it and cried during dinner. Haha, crazy la, cried everyday since Sunday sia. 😑 I’m very touched that everybody is doing so much for me. A little overwhelmed.


We had drinks after, and they were discussing how to kill me with those knockout drinks. Luckily, we didn’t have any of those in the end. Hehe.


Very touched. Wanna thank everybody for the awesome evening, presents, photos and videos taken. πŸ™‚

Happy Birthday!

It sucks that I actually literally grew older in the office. A couple of my colleagues sang me the birthday song at exactly 12am. Gave me a shock, but it was very funny. They didn’t get me a cake, but made me blow scraps of papers. Hahaha.

Well, I wish for everybody to be in good health, love their family more and to be happy. πŸ™‚

Who Is That Girl I See Staring Straight Back At Me?

I feel like I’m losing myself for so many reasons I don’t know where to begin.

For one, I haven’t achieved anything in a while. Time to be focussed again. I’m planning to take PMP course by end of this year, and sit for the exam in Q1 next year. If all goes well, I will pass and have an awesome professional certification. πŸ™‚

I also feel that I haven’t been learning on the job. No time to read all those resources shared by my awesome colleagues, even if I have time to go through them, no time to make it a point to commit them to memory. Pretty much spent my time this year clearing my daily work, dancing, drinking, going for Japanese class, gym and watching movies during the weekends. I have no time to produce quality work, cannot spin properly in Salsa, cannot remember half of what was taught in Japanese class and have no time to revise or finish my Japanese homework. At least my time spent at the gym have been fruitful and I’ve only been watching movies that are awesome. πŸ™‚

I guess what is really gnawing away at me now is that I’m not learning on the job, which is what pushed me to make arrangements for my PMP certification at lightning speed. Moreover I have only just enough PM working experience to apply for the certificate, which one of the trainers at the training centres I enquired with today kindly pointed out to me.

Crystal’s Birthday

Crystal’s birthday was last Friday, and we did a short video for her. Check it out in the embedded video below. The audio is out of sync for the segments with Shruti and me, otherwise, the rest of the video is fine. And pardon the lousy singing. :p

Shruti’s 21st Birthday Bash

Shruti’s 21st birthday bash @ Hard Rock Cafe was a smash. She spent her afternoon doing her makeup and hair, we had flowers delivered to the restaurant and Care Bear cake. Kudos to Crystal for making the most effort! She took leave to accompany Shruti for the makeup and hair appointments, then sang songs with her own guitarist in tow! A lot of photos and videos were taken. I’m uploading one video a night, the filesizes are too big.


Crazy Batam Getaway Day 2

Had another crazy drinking night where I passed out on the sofa, then woke up and continued drinking by the beach. Then back to the villa and slept in the spare room, then woke to find Shruti sleeping on me, so I gave her the bed, and then I slept again in our bedroom upstairs. We woke up, Shru and I cleaned up the place and the other people made breakfast for all of us. Yes, I am pretty useless in the kitchen and Saturday melted into Sunday. Haha. We checked out after eating and headed home. After we got off the ferry, I stood on the baggage trolley thing with all our bags and Terence ran and pushed me along. Hahaha. It was crazy cos I wasn’t facing the front. After I shifted and sat front facing, there was no more space to run anymore. πŸ™


Crazy Batam Getaway Day 1

Went to Batam for the weekend with my crazy colleagues. 6 of us booked 2 nights stay at Nongsa Village. We started planning for the trip with the wrong-est focus – drinking. On Friday, we brought lots of mixers, 4 bottles of alcohol (Vodka, our favorite Chivas, Cointreau and Rum), 4 packets of cup noodles and bags of chips there. It was an absolute disaster, the kopitiam at TMFT was closed, the food stall after clearing customs was selling non-palatable food and the villa turned out to be really out of the way with no restaurant there. Luckily, I shared a box of beehoon with Jackie on the ferry and Shruti’s cup noodles after my shower. Needless to say, after shower activities is drinking. Haha. I survived the first night until daybreak, then slept in the spare room cos the air-con in the bedrooms were too cold.

Saturday was awesome, but the villa’s ulu-ness really got to us. No restaurants meant no breakfast. And also, they charge SGD50 for a two way ride to a place for 3 hours, or SGD45 for a one way ride out. Trying to milk their customers due to how ulu it is. We waited for everybody to get ready, then walked to Turi Beach Resort where we could hire drivers for a better rate (I stayed there previously in Dec). Hired two cars for the day and we started off with food and grocery shopping at Nagoya Hill. Then to Waterfront City for some sea activities. We paid for a 4 person package deal for para sailing, jet ski and banana boat at SGD50 per pax. We could also add on additional people to any of the individual activities if we wanted. Para sailing was nice, and I got dipped in the water (Vivian and Shruti were dry!). Everybody insisted that the boat driver did it of his own accord, but I don’t believe. Hahaha. Jet ski was lousy la. I had a head start, but I suspect my jet ski’s max speed is lower cos Terence managed to overtake me at 1/4 into the route. It was quite funny. The instructor sitting behind me trying to push the speed up, but it was already max. Banana boat was awesome. The speed boat driver was trying his hardest to capsize us, we countered his efforts by shifting out weights around. Hahaha. He took a long time taking us down, but it was fun. πŸ™‚ There were two really cute dogs, an unfriendly parrot and a quirky monkey at Waterfront City. The monkey is really cool and was always asking for ice cubes to eat. The weather was too hot for her. We ended the day with more grocery shopping and a seafood dinner at Rezeki kelong, where only the fish was nice. 😑


Not Your Usual Saturday

Met colleagues for dinner today. Jackie’s bf, Shaun, joined us as well. I like hanging out with couples, they make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. πŸ™‚ I don’t feel third wheel like Jackie does. Haha. I also like other halves who don’t mind mixing with their SO’s crowd. It allows me to understand my friend better.

Recently I’ve been having more meals with Crystal as well. She’s very interesting. She likes people, and will analyze personalities and scrutinize idiosyncrasies. To a point that she made me uncomfortable when she was scrutinizing me during a couple of meals we had. But I think she’s pretty accurate so far.

I like my colleagues. I hope we will have a smashing time in Batam in April, and also, enjoy a smashing 2009 company trip. πŸ™‚