Taipei + Hokkaido Trip Day 4 – 6

14 July: 旭日

  • The animals at 旭日山動物園 are wayyyyyyyy bigger than ours in Singapore. The size of their Orangutan makes Ah Meng seems like nothing.
  • Went to see 男山 factory. Managed to collect some spring water from there for drinking. Haha.
  • Free and easy for the rest of the evening.
  • Stayed over at ToyoHotel for the night. This place had the best bed throughout the whole trip.

15 July: 富良野

  • Went to Farm Tomita and Herb Hill Furano. Endless view of flowers were beautiful, and the melons were awesome. 🙂
  • Went to see a couple of waterfalls after – 流星瀑布 and 银河瀑布.

16 July: 札幌

  • Sapporo underground shopping mall is like the shops along our Raffles Place MRT. They prefer this kinda shops because the shoppers are not subject to weather conditions, as compared to shopping on ground level.
  • Went to an old parliament building, which is now some educational building.
  • Went back to hotel at night, we dropped our bags and took the hotel’s shuttle to ススキの.
  • We saw very cute puppies in the pet shops there and went into a Pachinko. I won 1300 Yen with a 100 Yen coin. 😀


Taipei + Hokkaido Trip Day 1 – 3

Guess there’s no point making 10 posts about the trip, so I’ll just list out the notes I made during the trip in 3 posts.

11 July: Taipei Ximending

  • 阿宗面线 was really tasty and peppery. It’s a real deal for only NT30!
  • We ate some awesome fried pork ribs. The rice was real nice. The egg soup as well.
  • Stumbled upon 西门红楼, which was a very interesting place. The row of pubs behind it was like discovering a paradise.
  • Pub wanted to charge us NT499 for free flow drinks!!! We didn’t drink. 🙁
  • Shops are opened past 10.30pm. Amazing.
  • The bed was real hard, like a wooden plank.

12 July: Sapporo, Lake Toya

  • Flight to Sapporo. Loved the natural air-con when I stepped out of the airport.
  • There happened to be fireworks at Lake Toya, which was where we stayed for the night. 🙂
  • First time sleeping on a real Futon. The blanket was super hot.
  • Watched Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. They had it dubbed into Japanese, but we switched to English to watch. It was too weird.

13 July: Lake Toya, Otaru

  • Wild life in your face. Loved it.
  • Tried melon softee for the first time.
  • Went to a zoo with bears only. Saw a weird bear.
  • Was raining so hard, we couldn’t take much pictures.
  • The only 白い恋人 factory is in Otaru.
  • Fell in love with ornaments at music box museum. Bought a unique handphone accessory.
  • Tried Le Tao at CS’s recommendation. Cakes looked super pretty!


Freedom 2009 2nd Night

Drank enough to stay buzzed till 6am, happy, enjoyed the music. Went for after party at opposite villa, danced in circles to avoid weirdo at opposite villa, cool people from next villa hung out in our dirty pool, Vivian’s 温暖牌 cup noodles, slept as late as everybody else.


Freedom 2009 2nd Day

Waited for 3 hour taxi, awesome 鲁肉饭, ate lousy Durian Chendol, river festival with mamee truck, discovered 三叔公, had awesome Durian Chendol and iced coffee.


Freedom 2009 1st Night

Didn’t dress appropriately, not enough booze, didn’t enjoy the music. Ended too early, started raining, wind was too cold, slept earlier than the rest. :p


Crazy Batam Getaway Day 2

Had another crazy drinking night where I passed out on the sofa, then woke up and continued drinking by the beach. Then back to the villa and slept in the spare room, then woke to find Shruti sleeping on me, so I gave her the bed, and then I slept again in our bedroom upstairs. We woke up, Shru and I cleaned up the place and the other people made breakfast for all of us. Yes, I am pretty useless in the kitchen and Saturday melted into Sunday. Haha. We checked out after eating and headed home. After we got off the ferry, I stood on the baggage trolley thing with all our bags and Terence ran and pushed me along. Hahaha. It was crazy cos I wasn’t facing the front. After I shifted and sat front facing, there was no more space to run anymore. 🙁


Crazy Batam Getaway Day 1

Went to Batam for the weekend with my crazy colleagues. 6 of us booked 2 nights stay at Nongsa Village. We started planning for the trip with the wrong-est focus – drinking. On Friday, we brought lots of mixers, 4 bottles of alcohol (Vodka, our favorite Chivas, Cointreau and Rum), 4 packets of cup noodles and bags of chips there. It was an absolute disaster, the kopitiam at TMFT was closed, the food stall after clearing customs was selling non-palatable food and the villa turned out to be really out of the way with no restaurant there. Luckily, I shared a box of beehoon with Jackie on the ferry and Shruti’s cup noodles after my shower. Needless to say, after shower activities is drinking. Haha. I survived the first night until daybreak, then slept in the spare room cos the air-con in the bedrooms were too cold.

Saturday was awesome, but the villa’s ulu-ness really got to us. No restaurants meant no breakfast. And also, they charge SGD50 for a two way ride to a place for 3 hours, or SGD45 for a one way ride out. Trying to milk their customers due to how ulu it is. We waited for everybody to get ready, then walked to Turi Beach Resort where we could hire drivers for a better rate (I stayed there previously in Dec). Hired two cars for the day and we started off with food and grocery shopping at Nagoya Hill. Then to Waterfront City for some sea activities. We paid for a 4 person package deal for para sailing, jet ski and banana boat at SGD50 per pax. We could also add on additional people to any of the individual activities if we wanted. Para sailing was nice, and I got dipped in the water (Vivian and Shruti were dry!). Everybody insisted that the boat driver did it of his own accord, but I don’t believe. Hahaha. Jet ski was lousy la. I had a head start, but I suspect my jet ski’s max speed is lower cos Terence managed to overtake me at 1/4 into the route. It was quite funny. The instructor sitting behind me trying to push the speed up, but it was already max. Banana boat was awesome. The speed boat driver was trying his hardest to capsize us, we countered his efforts by shifting out weights around. Hahaha. He took a long time taking us down, but it was fun. 🙂 There were two really cute dogs, an unfriendly parrot and a quirky monkey at Waterfront City. The monkey is really cool and was always asking for ice cubes to eat. The weather was too hot for her. We ended the day with more grocery shopping and a seafood dinner at Rezeki kelong, where only the fish was nice. 😡


White Water Rafting and Caving


Went white water rafting at My Gopeng Resort on Saturday. It started with a night bus trip from Little India on Friday night. We were supposed to arrive at the place at 9.30 am on Saturday morning, but the bus broke down in the middle of the night. We were stuck there for 7 hours until the back-up bus arrived. It was supposed to arrive much earlier though. We thought we weren’t gonna make it for the activities, but we did and we had fun. 🙂

The caving was really lame. It’s RM9 per entry to see this attraction called Top of the World, it wasn’t a real caving activity. After we washed up, we loitered around a shopping mall near the bus company’s office and decided to catch a movie as we had until 9 pm to burn. The first time I watched a movie overseas. It was an interesting experience. The seats were super classic, and you can hear the film rolling. Hahaha. Of course, the air con is always too cold. x_x

Weekend @ Batam


Went for a trip to Batam with my cousins last weekend. It was supposed to be an adventure. We went there without settling our accommodations and wanted to just walk-in to anywhere.

Arriving at the Nongsa ferry terminal, there was a cab driver who kept wanting to take us to Nagoya (which is a half hour car trip away) to book our accommodations. We wanted to blank out at Nongsa, which was why we took the ferry there right? -_- If we wanted to stay in town, we would have gone to the relevant ferry terminal. So we ignored the driver (who continuously bugged us for the next half hour till we went off) and hopped onto the Turi Resort’s shuttle bus. The shuttle bus was only for confirmed guests, but the family who booked their accommodation there convinced the driver to take us as well. Haha.

It was quite exciting as we didn’t know what to expect, and was really happy with how nice the resort looked. Later on, after we booked our room and had lunch, the reception desk asked if we would like to go to town, and said that there is already a taxi waiting. We turned to look and saw the same annoying cab driver we met at the ferry terminal. We politely rejected the reception desk and walked back to our rooms. LOL.

I successfully blanked out for the whole weekend, tried to tan (but was quite a futile attempt, my skin color still looks the same) and kinda regretted blanking out when Monday came. I had a hard time catching up with work. -_-

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