New House Draft 2

So we finally got our keys end Feb, and started renovation mid March. Target to complete renovations end April, and move by mid May, latest end May. In between November and now, my computer died, we had numerous discussions about the new place, Han built himself a new computer, gave me his old one, I spent half of today on Sketchup, and I am proud to present the updated plans for the new place.

Our first floor is going to be great! And our study room will just look like a mish mash of old and new desks. Lol.

2nd Floor

Google SketchUp


Han recently recommended Google SketchUp to me, and to my pleasant surprise, it comes with a library of items contributed by people globally. After our discussion with Blum on our urbanKitchen purchase, I decided to do up this diagram so that we can roughly gauge that the kitchen plan is able to fit into the space available, and also to gauge the size of furniture we need to buy. I spent some time setting up this diagram; first night was mainly spent doing up a rough replica of the floor plan. Then I kinda went a bit overboard putting in the furniture after that, since so many things were available in the library. The IKEA furniture models are created by the community, I only imported the models we wanted to buy, or already own. If anything is a black box, it’s because the model is not available in the library, so I just placed a black box with the required dimensions.

Through this exercise, I learnt a whole bunch of things:

  • Our downstairs toilet is so bloody small
  • The washing machine seems really small after I placed it in the diagram (the box is based on dimensions of the model we are planning to buy)
  • How to create and scale items in the floor plan
  • I’m going to need a renovation loan to make all this a reality lol
  • I don’t know how tall or big our windows are, and we need to get them measured when we go for the site visit. Same goes for doors. So whatever I have put in this diagram for doors and windows are an estimate.
  • Created some custom items using textures I downloaded over the internet. You can see I re-created Ardan’s playmat there.

I can’t wait to get started on the second floor diagram. It’s like playing The Sims all over again. 🙂

Update: Here’s the first draft of the second floor.


Dabbling in Aromatherapy

Recently there’s been some essential oils (EO) craze amongst the members of various Facebook groups I’m in so I started getting interested in them as well.

Ordered a Basic Plus Starter Kit from Young Living last weekend, and it arrived on Wednesday.

I received the Dewdrop™ diffuser, 5ml bottles of Lavender, Lemon and Stress Away and a bunch of samples in the Starter Kit. Gave the Slique samples to Han and kept all the EO samples for myself.

I wanted to try diffusing Lavender at night to see if it’ll reduce the frequency of Ardan’s nightmares. And also to help him with his afternoon naps on the weekends. I’ve noticed recently that he only naps for an hour on weekends afternoon, that can’t be good for his age! He’s only 25 months old!

I started diffusing Lavender at night since Wednesday, and I’m pleased to report that it does seem to help him sleep deeper and also we managed to get him to sleep for 2.5-3 hours during his weekend afternoon naps yesterday and today. I am now considering getting some Peace and Calming to help everybody in our family get even better quality sleep.

If you are keen to get some Young Living products, you can check out Essential Oils Singapore on Facebook, or sign up as a Young Living member. There are two options you can choose when you sign up:

  1. Enroll with an Essential Rewards Order and get a Free Starter Kit
  2. Young Living Enrollment Option 1

  3. Buy a Starter Kit on Standard Order
  4. Young Living Enrollment Option 2

2012 in Review

Han Fang Wedding

Same as last year, I can check 2 out of 3 of my resolutions off!

  1. Not to lose my temper at work ✓
  2. Go to the gym at least once a week
  3. Have a blissful marriage (2 months and counting) ✓

Here’s the usual monthly highlights 😀

  1. Started Project 365
  2. Ah Bit had to have his left front arm amputated due to the tumor that was growing at an alarming rate. Extremely nerve wrecking moment.
  3. Finished The Hunger Games trilogy
  4. Maxed out D3 beta character
  5. Pre-wedding Photoshoot, Diablo 3 Launch, Hello Orange and Lady Gaga Born This Way Ball
  6. Jaye’s Wedding, and Farewell Alice
  7. Hong Kong Trip (first BFF holiday!) and ended Project 365
  8. My first NDP Preview, MK joins, bought S3 and Alexis farewell
  9. Han was my hen’s night stripper, ROM, flashed my S3 and wrote a tutorial about it
  10. Got married, I haven’t started uploading the photos for the dinner yet. 🙁
  11. I has red hair and bye bye Fred
  12. SingTel Team Christmas Party, ended the year in Seoul with my first white Christmas

Project 365: 26 Jul 2012

My lak jiak liu lian from papa
My lak jiak liu lian from papa

And this is the last Project 365 photo for 2012.

I realised that my life is not exciting enough to generate a photo a day, and sometimes I get sucked into a whirlwind of work that I might not even see Han for a couple of weeks, so I gave up on this project. 😡 Additionally, I generate truck loads of photos for each event, and since I am only able to share one per day, I have to then pick the most significant one. Too much work, so I’m sticking to drowning people with photos for every significant event in my life, instead of struggling to generate a photo, or having to pick the most significant one.

Lady Gaga Born This Way Ball

Went to Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Ball at the Indoor Stadium with Yang and MZ. The set was amazing, they built an entire castle on stage.

Kingdom of Fame
Kingdom of Fame

And she made an entrance that was appropriate for the set – on a horse.

Entrance on a Horse
Entrance on a Horse

Even though I wasn’t pumped up enough to bob around in the mosh pit, I could see her effort in making it an entertaining concert for the audience. The costume changes were almost instantaneous, the choreography looked like they needed countless hours of practice, and she was extremely musically inclined. I was touched by what she said and felt very inspired at the end of the concert. Will still go for her concert again if she stops by Singapore next time.

Lady Gaga Costume Changes
Lady Gaga Costume Changes