Paleo Cookies

Han got this recipe for Paleo Friendly Cookies from his gym instructor, and he’s already made me make 4 batches of these cookies so far. They’re not my thing, but Han loves them.

2.5 cups almond flour
1/4 tsp sea salt
1/4 tsp baking soda
10 tbsp coconut oil
1 tbsp vanilla essence
3 tbsp raw honey
1/2 cup 60% dark chocolate chips

  1. Mix dry ingredients
  2. Add wet ingredients to dry ingredients
  3. Fold the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients until completely covered
  4. Roll into 1 inch balls and flatten on baking tray with grease-proof paper
  5. Bake at 350 F for 10-12 minutes

Banana Cake

So I tried making the same banana cake again, this time making two loaves of cakes instead of cup cakes. The bottom turned out to be very dense, so I’m going to try making them again tomorrow.

I made slight tweaks to the recipe.

250g unsalted butter
1 cup caster sugar
4 Eggs
1 teaspoon Vanilla essence
4 tablespoon Milk
2 mashed Bananas
220g plain flour sifted with 1 teaspoon Bicarbonate of soda and 1 teaspoon Baking powder

Banana Cake

Banana Cupcakes Batter

Had the sudden urge to eat banana cake, so I decided to try making one. Followed the recipe here.

250g Salted butter
220g Castor sugar
4 Eggs
1 teaspoon Vanilla essence
4 tablespoon Milk
3 mashed Bananas
220g Bob’s Red Mill whole wheat graham flour
1 teaspoon Bicarbonate of soda
1 teaspoon Baking powder

  1. Sift the flour with the bicarbonate of soda, and baking powder
  2. Follow the recipe here. However, bake for 20 minutes in pre-heated 200℉ oven if you are making cupcakes like I did.

Banana Cupcakes

The final product looks burnt, but rest assured it isn’t. It’s a slightly darker brown due to the color of the flour.

Cornflake Cookies with Raisins

Cornflake Cookies with Raisins

I had the sudden inspiration to bake cornflake cookies during Chinese New Year this year when I saw them on sale at Breadtalk.

Here’s the recipe I used.

250g Butter
250g Caster sugar
300g Sifted self raising flour
1/2 teaspoon Vanilla essence
100g Crushed cornflakes
Sun-Maid baking raisins

  1. Beat the butter and sugar until creamy white
  2. Add sifted flour, cornflakes, sultanas, vanilla essence and mix well with spatula
  3. Bake for 10 minutes in pre-heated 200℉ oven