APAPA November Babies Celebration 2008

Last Friday we had our APAPA November babies outing. This pic is the only decent pic of the night. The other pics were either out of focus or we all looked totally CBG. Haha. :p

We went to eat chao da beehoon recommended by HMHC, then later went to Kbox at Suntec. Everybody ditched us at about 2am plus, I went home at 3.30am cos my dad came to fetch, I think HJM and Pipi stayed till 4am. Haha. The eyebags I had the next day were crazy.

It’s gonna be Christmas soon, I wonder if we are having a gift exchange? This Christmas will be APAPA’s 2nd anniversary as well.


Went to Dim Joy for dinner yesterday with 好姐妹 and PP. It’s located at 80 Neil Road, in a shophouse, within walkable distance from my office. There were various interesting bits of instructions/anecdotes here and there. For example, some information about chopsticks on the chopsticks holder, and on the teapot where it says how fast your tea is refilled is an indication of the service level, and various little snippets within the pages of the menu etc. We found these entertaining (yes, we’re that boliao).

We arrived at the restaurant at about 6.15pm. It was interesting listening to jazz music while having dim sum. XJ considers it “fusion”, and I had this inspiration and hoped that I could finally discover what “modern chinese” meant at the restaurant. Alas, I left the place none the wiser.

We ordered about 4 rounds of food, and stayed till 8 plus. We were the first to arrive at the restaurant, and saw a couple of tables arrive and leave before us. At one point we actually started calling the waitress over for to chat, which JJ thinks is what dirty old men do during their weekends. We have degenerated from christmas cake aunties into dirty old men. LOL

The food with the tiny little white and orange flower in the image above are the ones which I think are nice, incidentally they all happen to be in the right column. Haha.

Crazy Birthday Week!

It was BJ’s birthday on the 12th, PN’s and 老爹’s on the 15th, and MZ’s on the 17th. MZ’s in US till end of next week, so we’ll only meet up after she’s back. Think CS is organising something (shoots an arrow in CS’s way). Wahaha. 😀

We went to Kulai Khan at Park Mall for 老爹’s birthday dinner. Food wasn’t too fantastic, and the guy who was frying vegetables gave me a fright. >.> My new bosses brought me to a fantastic drinking and foodie place last Friday, so I might suggest to JJ to go there for her birthday celebration in July. I think she’ll love it. 🙂

长今 Was Here!

APAPA Family Photo

Phuket Highlights! – ATV + Ice Cream + Towel Hats!

After our visit to the temple, we went on the ATV rides. It’s freaking expensive, about SGD 71 for only an hour. But gotta try it once for the experience la. That’s a mangrove swamp behind us in the pic. 🙂

We spent our afternoon looking for things to buy before going for a massage. It was raining pretty heavily that day, the roads were flooded. Luckily transport to the massage place was provided.

Then we spent the night counting cash and playing with towel hats which can double as dumbbells! Hahaha.

The third day was certainly more accomplished than the second day. 😀

More photos on my facebook. 🙂

Phuket Highlights! – Wat Chalong

Our guide brought us to Wat Chalong on the third day. Wat stands for temple. Luang Pho Chaem is one of the revered monks with a statue in the temple.

Luang Pho Chaem’s House Reconstructed

Our tour guide, Nina, has the exact same mannerisms as BJ, they both talk the same way, push their specs up the same way, wear their hair the same way and are both petite. The whole time I listen to her, it’s like looking at BJ.

With Our Tour Guide, Nina

Each day of the week has a position associated with it. I was born on a Thursday and it’s the meditation position. JJ’s born on a Monday, Su See on a Sunday and XJ on a Wednesday. But only JJ and I were doing the poses correctly. Lol.

More photos on my facebook. 🙂

Phuket Highlights! – Phi Phi Island

On the second day, we went to Phi Phi Island. Transport arrived at 7.30 am (Bangkok time) but we were late 10 mins and the driver was so pissed and displayed symptoms of road rage. He practically flew us to the harbor. The ferry trip there and back were 2.5 hours each time. Half the day gone just like that. :/ We were advised against taking the speedboat cos it’s end of monsoon season and weather is a little unpredictable. But we saw so many speedboats overtaking us man. And they overloaded the ferry, both on the way there and back.

On Our Way There

Same Top!

*Push Her Down*

On Our Way Back
I look like a 落汤鸡… Hahaha

Second day was kinda boring and waste of time and money. 😡 5 hours spent doing nothing on the ferry, then we watched the Thai Girl show at night, which was a freaking waste of time and money as well. It was more expensive than the cabaret, in a sleazy part of town, and only two girls had secret skills. The rest was just soft porn which you can download online if you wanted to. >.> This picture is taken along the road with all the pubs and clubs. JJ bought me the horny hairband. :p

More photos on my facebook. 🙂

Phuket Highlights!

On Our Way There
Took some photos at Changi Airport, and the queue at Phuket Airport was freaking long. Haha. :p They gave me the window seat cos I’m a suakoo and don’t remember what it’s like to take a plane. Haha. I was so excited when the plane took off, JJ kept laughing at me. 😀

Orchid Garden

The Cow Is Furry!

Window Seat!

Crazy Shit Long Queue

We stayed at The Blue Marine Resort & Spa. Our room came with a king sized bed (shiok!), a bath tub that can fit 2 and you can have a threesome in the shower. LOL!

The Durex Is Not Complimentary! 120 baht

We traveled around in Tuk-Tuks, or the tour agency’s van or our tour guide’s car. Haha. Tuk-Tuk’s pricing is per trip, before you get on you gotta haggle with the driver.

The food at Phuket was bad, don’t be deceived by the pictures. But the airplane food weren’t too bad. 😀 We had tomyam soup and pineapple rice for almost every meal (sorta like trying to find the best one), until I got sick of it and we ordered fried glass noodles on the third night. Lol. Moreover the pineapple rice weren’t nice, tomyam soup not bad though. And as you can see, we stopped taking pictures of food on the 3rd day. LOL!

Lunch on Flight to Phuket

First Night Dinner

Second Night Dinner

Don’t Be Deceived by Their Expressions

More photos on my facebook. 🙂