Happy Birthday to Me

So excited that my Pixel 3 arrived ahead of schedule yesterday, in time for my birthday. And also, a tarot deck I have been waiting for a while for, arrived yesterday as well.

This is my first time doing a birthday reading for myself, here it goes.

1. The previous year in summary
Seven of pentacles – Success follows hard work

2. What have you learned from the past year
Eight of swords – I am my own worst enemy. Any restriction I have is all in my mind.

3. What you aspire to in the next twelve months
King of Swords – Listen to the inner wisdom offered by the wise elder that dwells inside of you. Help parties in conflict discover common ground and build upon it, and guides societies to see their greater good.

4. What empowers you in reaching your aspirations
Illusion – The Moon card advises that you trust your instincts and intuitions. Your aboriginal body, which is connected to all living things, is sharper and quicker than the cultivated, civilized self. Your intuitive body will support you unerringly if you do not interfere with or try to control what you perceive. A better approach would be to meditate.

5. What may stand in the way of reaching your aspirations
Knight of Rods – Acting first and thinking later.

6. Your relationships and emotions in the coming year
Ace of cauldrons – A fountain of abundance nourishing your life.

7. Your career, work and finances
Ace of rods – Stay attentive to your goal even as change accelerates.

8. Your health and well-being
Four of cauldrons – Distracted from maintaining my own health and well-being.

9. Your spiritual energy and inner fulfilment
XIV The Guide – Prepare to use spiritual practices, studies, or lifestyle changes that can assist you in your quest. A tremendous amount of benefit is available if you can organize yourself and be disciplined at this time.

10. What you most need to focus on for the year ahead
XI Justice – Balance the scales to support truth and serve the greatest good. You are seen as a fair-minded party whose opinion matters. The Justice card advises you to listen carefully as others explain to you their version of events and the parts they played. It is unnecessary to offer feedback. Your role is to observe, listen closely, give a full hearing and keep your wits about you as the story takes shape. As you witness people’s account of themselves, your understanding will go beyond the words you hear. Subtle inferences and clues will reveal the truths that will enable you to make a wise and accurate assessment.

11. What will be your most important lesson in the coming year
Nine of pentacles – The abundance you enjoy allows you the freedom to be yourself.

12. Overall, where are you headed in the next twelve months
VIII Strength – Remaining strong. Caring for others. Finding your inner strength. Having compassion. Having a strong sense of responsibility.

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