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Han recently recommended Google SketchUp to me, and to my pleasant surprise, it comes with a library of items contributed by people globally. After our discussion with Blum on our urbanKitchen purchase, I decided to do up this diagram so that we can roughly gauge that the kitchen plan is able to fit into the space available, and also to gauge the size of furniture we need to buy. I spent some time setting up this diagram; first night was mainly spent doing up a rough replica of the floor plan. Then I kinda went a bit overboard putting in the furniture after that, since so many things were available in the library. The IKEA furniture models are created by the community, I only imported the models we wanted to buy, or already own. If anything is a black box, it’s because the model is not available in the library, so I just placed a black box with the required dimensions.

Through this exercise, I learnt a whole bunch of things:

  • Our downstairs toilet is so bloody small
  • The washing machine seems really small after I placed it in the diagram (the box is based on dimensions of the model we are planning to buy)
  • How to create and scale items in the floor plan
  • I’m going to need a renovation loan to make all this a reality lol
  • I don’t know how tall or big our windows are, and we need to get them measured when we go for the site visit. Same goes for doors. So whatever I have put in this diagram for doors and windows are an estimate.
  • Created some custom items using textures I downloaded over the internet. You can see I re-created Ardan’s playmat there.

I can’t wait to get started on the second floor diagram. It’s like playing The Sims all over again. 🙂

Update: Here’s the first draft of the second floor.


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