Dabbling in Aromatherapy

Recently there’s been some essential oils (EO) craze amongst the members of various Facebook groups I’m in so I started getting interested in them as well.

Ordered a Basic Plus Starter Kit from Young Living last weekend, and it arrived on Wednesday.

I received the Dewdrop™ diffuser, 5ml bottles of Lavender, Lemon and Stress Away and a bunch of samples in the Starter Kit. Gave the Slique samples to Han and kept all the EO samples for myself.

I wanted to try diffusing Lavender at night to see if it’ll reduce the frequency of Ardan’s nightmares. And also to help him with his afternoon naps on the weekends. I’ve noticed recently that he only naps for an hour on weekends afternoon, that can’t be good for his age! He’s only 25 months old!

I started diffusing Lavender at night since Wednesday, and I’m pleased to report that it does seem to help him sleep deeper and also we managed to get him to sleep for 2.5-3 hours during his weekend afternoon naps yesterday and today. I am now considering getting some Peace and Calming to help everybody in our family get even better quality sleep.

If you are keen to get some Young Living products, you can check out Essential Oils Singapore on Facebook, or sign up as a Young Living member. There are two options you can choose when you sign up:

  1. Enroll with an Essential Rewards Order and get a Free Starter Kit
  2. Young Living Enrollment Option 1

  3. Buy a Starter Kit on Standard Order
  4. Young Living Enrollment Option 2

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