2012 in Review

Han Fang Wedding

Same as last year, I can check 2 out of 3 of my resolutions off!

  1. Not to lose my temper at work ✓
  2. Go to the gym at least once a week
  3. Have a blissful marriage (2 months and counting) ✓

Here’s the usual monthly highlights 😀

  1. Started Project 365
  2. Ah Bit had to have his left front arm amputated due to the tumor that was growing at an alarming rate. Extremely nerve wrecking moment.
  3. Finished The Hunger Games trilogy
  4. Maxed out D3 beta character
  5. Pre-wedding Photoshoot, Diablo 3 Launch, Hello Orange and Lady Gaga Born This Way Ball
  6. Jaye’s Wedding, and Farewell Alice
  7. Hong Kong Trip (first BFF holiday!) and ended Project 365
  8. My first NDP Preview, MK joins, bought S3 and Alexis farewell
  9. Han was my hen’s night stripper, ROM, flashed my S3 and wrote a tutorial about it
  10. Got married, I haven’t started uploading the photos for the dinner yet. 🙁
  11. I has red hair and bye bye Fred
  12. SingTel Team Christmas Party, ended the year in Seoul with my first white Christmas

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