Updating My S3 to CyanogenMod Jellybean Nightly Build

In July, I found out that AT&T released the red Galaxy S3, asked a couple of sources (official mobile operators and ah beng shops), and there were no confirmation we would get them in Singapore. On impulse, I bought it off the Internet (eBay has everything, you know?). Anyway, we now have the red S3 available in Singapore. It’s the i9300 model, which is quad core. The AT&T model is i747 and it’s only dual core.

Received from SingPost (bloody charged me additional 7% GST) on 23 Aug, but haven’t been able to update to Jellybean as the software wasn’t available.

Randomly did a Google search for “i747 jelly bean” today and found out that CyanogenMod has a Jellybean nightly for my device.

Follow the steps below to get Jellybean nightly from CyanogenMod into your i747 from AT&T.

  1. How to flash ClockworkMod Recovery
  2. How to root and install BusyBox (Note: Installation of BusyBox is not mandatory)
  3. Download and install ROM Manager from Google Play Store
  4. Start ROM Manager
  5. Tap on “Backup Current ROM” and select your device “Samsung Galaxy S III (AT&T)”
    Note: If it prompts you to install ClockworkMod recovery, wait for the app to finish processing, allow Superuser access to ROM Manager, and tap on “Backup Current ROM” again.
  6. Name your backup and tap “OK”, your device will perform the backup and reboot.

    Backing Up
    Backing Up
  7. Download the latest nightly build from CyanogenMod Nightly Builds for Samsung Galaxy S III (AT&T) i747 and Google Apps Package into your computer
  8. Connect your device to your computer and copy paste the nightly build and Google Apps package into your device’s internal memory
  9. Start ROM Manager
  10. Tap on “Install ROM from SD Card” and select the nightly build file
  11. Check “Wipe Data and Cache” and “Wipe Dalvik Cache”
  12. Tap “OK” twice, and wait for your device to finish processing and reboot.
    Installing CM JellyBean
    Installing CM JellyBean

    Ta-dah! You are now running the latest nightly from CyanogenMod.

    CyanogenMod Loading Screen
    CyanogenMod Loading Screen
  13. Start ROM Manager
  14. Tap on “Reboot into Recovery”
  15. Tap “OK” to confirm
  16. Tap “Allow” Superuser access to ROM Manager
  17. Use the down volume button to navigate to “install zip from sdcard”, use the home button to select this option
  18. Use the home button to select “choose zip from sdcard”
  19. Select the Google Apps package
  20. Use the down volume button to navigate to “Yes – install…”, use the home button to select this option, and let your device process
  21. Tap the back button
  22. Press the home button to select “reboot system now”. That’s it, you’re done! 🙂

What is BusyBox and when do you need it?

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