Pummelvision and 12 Things in 2010

First up, my photos in your face. Made by Pummelvision. Too bad I couldn’t indicate the time frame of photos to include in the video, so you are pummeled with photos from 2009 as well.

And here’s the list of 12 most memorable things/people/events by months.

  1. Road trip to KL and Malacca with PP and 好姐妹
  2. Nu’s ROM, started taking BCP to cure my acne and it works!
  3. Discovered Han as the most lovable thing alive
  4. PMP prep!
  5. Nursed Ah bit back to a healthy weight when he started being picky about food, bought my first luxury bag YSL Muse and I’m PMI certified! Weiguang’s + Wanting’s wedding!
  6. Left Convertium, joined Qais
  7. Was hard at work
  8. See above
  9. Went to my first theme park, watched my first concert, Gunawan + Jiahui’s wedding
  10. Avalon!
  11. My mom helped me with my Halloween get-up
  12. So long Qais, thanks for all the fish but we’ll still keep in touch! Christmas!

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