adidas Originals Star Wars Collection for Fall/Winter 2010

Adidas and Lucasfilm collaborated to bring us more Star Wars apparel this year! I chanced upon it randomly while in Iluma this afternoon and found a reversible jacket with Darth Vader on one side, and Yoda on the other. Strangely, there isn’t an official product image on the website and my iPhone camera is lousy so no pics just yet. It’s for Men’s, but I managed to get it in XS at Pan Pacific before Joseph’s wedding dinner earlier. 🙂 Too bad they didn’t have it in Han’s size.

We found a pair of Han Solo shoes (so apt for Han right) and I wanted to get him those as a Christmas gift, well, they didn’t have it in his size either. I really didn’t think he’s that common-sized, at least not until today. Hahaha. Anyway, I think this pair of Darth Vader basketball shoes are pretty cool.

I also found this jacket while browsing the online catalogue. Would have bought this instead if it was at the store.

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