Spring Cleaning Part I

Just finished half of my room, the half that is bright and sunny. 😀

Need to find a box to contain my huge-ass IT books, or maybe display them on my shelf to appear smarter and also so that they can collect dust for the next year. Found a folder of all my receipts from Alexandra Hospital. Did a total and I spent S$6552.82 for my braces from Nov 05 till now (I still have to go back for reviews), here’s the cost breakdown:

  • First examination and review with X-Ray S$91.90
  • First extraction S$76 (2 teeth)
  • Installation, adjustments and removal S$5207.75
  • Second extraction S$905.78 (4 wisdom teeth and 2 teeth)
  • Retainers S$188
  • Miscellaneous S$83.39

Was disappointed with the bedsheets I bought from JUSCO. The packaging said it was for Queen size yet it contained a single bed set inside. 🙁 I was looking forward to using them for CNY. Fortunately, I’m a crazy bedsheet shopper, so I’ll be using the other set I bought from IKEA. Going to start working on the dark and gloomy side of the room now.

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