ZoukOut 2009

ZoukOut started on Saturday afternoon for me. Napped in the late afternoon onwards and woke up in time for dinner and dressing up. First attempt at putting on fake eyelashes took me quite a while, plus my eyelash glue wasn’t the best. It dried to white even though it says dries to transparent on the packaging.

As I was heading out, my mom came home. She stood at my room door disapprovingly when I told her I’m going out and will only be back in the morning. Finally she said ok and walked to her room. I heard her talking to dad, and suddenly she re-appeared at my room door asking, “are you going to that bikini event?” I said, “ya”, then she said “去那边给人家摸屁股” (literally translates to “go there to let people touch your butt”). I looked at her and don’t know whether I should laugh. I said, “no la, it’s not as crowded as in a club, no one will touch my butt”. She repeatedly muttered that same sentence, and walked out of my room. That was so weird, yet so funny at the same time.

Met Vivian’s friends and Terence, then we set up a drinks picnic on a grass patch outside beach station. Halfway through, I went to take pictures with Ling. I have very broken memory of what happened after, until Armin began. We got in, met up with Eugene and gang, then I remember hanging at the VW booth, getting Polo tattoos, free drinks coupons from my client and taking more pics with Ling. I also managed to get my present from Abala (thanks Geoff! Come SG soon!).


When Armin came on at 5am, the effect was instant. I can feel the mood change immediately (somehow I sobered up too), and the area around us became really packed. Fortunately, no one touched my butt. Hahaha. I thoroughly enjoyed Armin’s set, too bad Yang and Ling didn’t stay throughout. Yang was bugging me to go home at 6 plus. Haha. The sunrise was very nice, coupled with Armin, it was a fantastic experience for me.


After it all ended, I forced them to eat with me (as usual). Haha. I was still hungry even though I had two breakfasts – one before we left Sentosa, another at the market opposite HarbourFront. Luckily there was lunch planned. Went home to shower and get ready for lunch.

Met colleagues for Barbara’s farewell lunch at Garden Slug (the bangers and mash a must try for the mash!) and knocked out on the cab home. Haha. Slept the rest of Sunday away, all the way till I had to wake for work this morning. Awesome. 😀

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