Family Day Cruise

One evening during the week, dad called and said that we’re going on a day cruise on Sunday, without asking if I’m free! The conversation went like this…

Dad: Hello? This Sunday, we’re all (him, mom, bro and gf) going on a cruise, you’re going too.

Me: Huh? This Sunday? What cruise? You didn’t even ask me if I’m free!

Dad: We’re all going, so you’re going too. I help you book tickets ok.

Me: I don’t have money this month! And you didn’t even ask if I’m free!

Dad: I’m booking, I help you pay.

Me: Huh. Ok lo.

Dad: Ok, Sunday ah. Bye bye (happily)

Me: Ok, bye. (What the …)

So, (I’m not free, but) we’re in the car to Harbourfront at the moment. I’m not gonna be accessible by phone for today. Enjoy your Sunday, everyone!

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