Taipei + Hokkaido Trip Day 7 – 10

17 July: 千歳

  • Past emperor’s temple, their amulets have Hello Kitty embroidered on them.
  • Okura Ski. Nothing much here.
  • Went to rera outlet store and bought lotsa cheap tops from GAP.
  • And JJ introduced me to Make Me a Supermodel! I really thought Jonathan would win. 🙁

18 July: New Chitose Airport

  • Plane was delayed so we spent our day shopping and eating in the airport. What a waste of time. 🙁

19 July: 台北

  • Wanted to go up Taipei 101, but had to pay, so we didn’t go. Haha.
  • Then wanted to go take pictures at some lake, but ended up at a temple. According to the locals, only locals visit that temple, so it’s prolly fate we stumbled upon it. Was kinda embarrassing cos I was not dressed adequately to visit the temple. Also, we freaking climbed up the mountain on foot to get to it. Unbelievable.
  • Went to fisherman’s wharf to catch the sunset.
  • Then to Shih lin night market hoping to grab some bargains. I broke the zip of a handbag and ran out of the shop without buying the bag. 😡

20 July:

  • Went to 故宫 in the morning, then home sweet home after.


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