Taipei + Hokkaido Trip Day 1 – 3

Guess there’s no point making 10 posts about the trip, so I’ll just list out the notes I made during the trip in 3 posts.

11 July: Taipei Ximending

  • 阿宗面线 was really tasty and peppery. It’s a real deal for only NT30!
  • We ate some awesome fried pork ribs. The rice was real nice. The egg soup as well.
  • Stumbled upon 西门红楼, which was a very interesting place. The row of pubs behind it was like discovering a paradise.
  • Pub wanted to charge us NT499 for free flow drinks!!! We didn’t drink. 🙁
  • Shops are opened past 10.30pm. Amazing.
  • The bed was real hard, like a wooden plank.

12 July: Sapporo, Lake Toya

  • Flight to Sapporo. Loved the natural air-con when I stepped out of the airport.
  • There happened to be fireworks at Lake Toya, which was where we stayed for the night. 🙂
  • First time sleeping on a real Futon. The blanket was super hot.
  • Watched Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. They had it dubbed into Japanese, but we switched to English to watch. It was too weird.

13 July: Lake Toya, Otaru

  • Wild life in your face. Loved it.
  • Tried melon softee for the first time.
  • Went to a zoo with bears only. Saw a weird bear.
  • Was raining so hard, we couldn’t take much pictures.
  • The only 白い恋人 factory is in Otaru.
  • Fell in love with ornaments at music box museum. Bought a unique handphone accessory.
  • Tried Le Tao at CS’s recommendation. Cakes looked super pretty!


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