Personal Challenge Day 4.5

Day 5 is tomorrow night! We’re learning cross body lead turn, which is…a little challenging. I played cheat by getting Vivian and Terence to teach me, so tomorrow at class, I’ll be more prepared. Heart them, always so patient with me. Felt kinda bad hogging their time at the club tonight, so I shoo-ed them off to dance. They’re learning Cuban Salsa together now so they need their time to practice as well.

The club was playing some video on the screen. Watching the professionals dance is very inspirational, and makes me wanna learn those steps. I was told I can do that in 3 months, but I’ve already started learning for a month and I don’t see how I can be able to achieve that standard in a couple more months. Hahaha.

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  1. Know I’m late in commenting this.. hahaha..

    Mad.. no hogging of our time.. We are more than happy to convert u.. Hope Salsa brings u joy!

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