Crazy Batam Getaway Day 2

Had another crazy drinking night where I passed out on the sofa, then woke up and continued drinking by the beach. Then back to the villa and slept in the spare room, then woke to find Shruti sleeping on me, so I gave her the bed, and then I slept again in our bedroom upstairs. We woke up, Shru and I cleaned up the place and the other people made breakfast for all of us. Yes, I am pretty useless in the kitchen and Saturday melted into Sunday. Haha. We checked out after eating and headed home. After we got off the ferry, I stood on the baggage trolley thing with all our bags and Terence ran and pushed me along. Hahaha. It was crazy cos I wasn’t facing the front. After I shifted and sat front facing, there was no more space to run anymore. 🙁


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