Feeling Kinda Useless

I was in the toilet in my parents’ room when my mom said that she was feeling faint. So I asked her a series of questions, “Have you had enough sleep recently?”, “Did you intake enough sugar?” and so on. All checked out ok. She suspected that the inner fluid in her ears is causing her to feel faint, I told her that if that is the case, you would have vomitted already. Then she said that she wanna go see the doctor. I offered to go with her. She declined, saying that she’ll go with dad. Then dad rolled over on the bed and sorta woke up (he was trying to sleep earlier). I lingered around in the room as I put on my nightly facial care products, then when I was done, I asked her, “so, you wanna go to the doctor’s?” She said, “it’s ok, I can go with your dad.” Which dad also agreed to, and they promptly asked me to go sleep.

I feel… kinda useless, somehow.

I really didn’t mind accompanying her to see the doctor if need be, or even to take urgent leave tomorrow morning cos of this (though that would be such a major sabo to Vivian. :x)

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  1. Dun feel useless la. Your mother also dun want to trouble you on a weekday esp if it really was not life-endangering. I had the same situation. My dad coughed up blood and my mum accompanied him to the hospital, my dad drove. I felt really bad that i didnt know how to drive, cos what if my dad was too ill to drive?! Anyway, it turned out to be a false alarm, i stayed up for them to tell me the news. And i felt my dad was glad i was still awake.

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