Weekend @ Batam


Went for a trip to Batam with my cousins last weekend. It was supposed to be an adventure. We went there without settling our accommodations and wanted to just walk-in to anywhere.

Arriving at the Nongsa ferry terminal, there was a cab driver who kept wanting to take us to Nagoya (which is a half hour car trip away) to book our accommodations. We wanted to blank out at Nongsa, which was why we took the ferry there right? -_- If we wanted to stay in town, we would have gone to the relevant ferry terminal. So we ignored the driver (who continuously bugged us for the next half hour till we went off) and hopped onto the Turi Resort’s shuttle bus. The shuttle bus was only for confirmed guests, but the family who booked their accommodation there convinced the driver to take us as well. Haha.

It was quite exciting as we didn’t know what to expect, and was really happy with how nice the resort looked. Later on, after we booked our room and had lunch, the reception desk asked if we would like to go to town, and said that there is already a taxi waiting. We turned to look and saw the same annoying cab driver we met at the ferry terminal. We politely rejected the reception desk and walked back to our rooms. LOL.

I successfully blanked out for the whole weekend, tried to tan (but was quite a futile attempt, my skin color still looks the same) and kinda regretted blanking out when Monday came. I had a hard time catching up with work. -_-

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