Product Mix-up

I received my vPOST package today. On the envelop it says “Rebel Touch Arctic”, but when I opened it up, it’s a CapsuleRebel for iPhone 3G inside. 🙁 I’m going to ask my brother whether he wants to buy it off me, then go SLS and see what colors are available for the RebelTouch there. 🙁

Edit: They will send me a replacement for free. 🙂 Now to see how I can make arrangements with vPOSTUSA without an invoice. Haha.

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  1. Won’t work out. I got them to send to vPOST USA when I placed the order, as they don’t deliver to Singapore. Anyway, my friend says he’ll buy the casing off me. I think I’ll make a complain and say I will place another order and have them ensure it’s correct product.

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