25th Birthday – Part 2

In retrospect, the funnest thing about birthdays is that it gets better every year! 🙂

17 Nov, Monday

I was on leave on Monday and treated myself to a massage at Subtle Senses, then met my colleagues for lunch since I was in the area. I thought it would be a small group lunch since I only told colleagues in my dept that I’ll be in the area on Monday. Was pleasantly surprised when so many people turned up and we had to occupy two long tables. Thanks everybody for giving me face. :p

Then I went home to nap after seeing the Chinese sinseh again. He says my health is generally better, but my liver, digestion and lungs are still weak, so he prescribed me with more medicine. Met Mr Mini Cooper for dinner and he surprised me with a Baby G. It’s weird, but he’s already read my mind two years in a row. Last year, he gave me the iPod Shuffle, which I christened Eva and zhng-ed her with bling few months back, when I was secretly considering getting my own. This year, I was also thinking of getting myself a new Baby G for my birthday, just that I haven’t had the time to go shopping for it. But now I don’t have to make time anymore. Hur hur.

16 Nov, Sunday

Pipi treated me to Avenue Q – The Musical at the Esplanade. It was a great musical. Even though the jokes were crude, they were really funny. 🙂 We nearly bought the t shirts, but didn’t in the end, as they weren’t really in good taste.

We met my colleagues for dinner at Hans after the musical, and then we went to the Party World next to our office for 4 hours worth of KTV. When it was almost 12am, they brought out a cake, which Terence unceremoniously grabbed and put on the table, and lit a candle on it. Then they sang me a birthday song. It was a very nice surprise and I didn’t see it coming at all. They also wrote me a very nice card and gave me a laptop bag. Which was too small, but we got it exchanged during lunchtime today. 🙂

I really like that pic of me and Pipi at the KTV in the collage above. I have that pic of Terence up there as well cos I didn’t want to waste Shruti’s efforts in creating scandals by capturing only shots of two of us in her cam! When I saw the photos taken on her cam of that night, I was like…”What is this?!?! -_-” Also, I think I look darn chio out of focus and grainy. Hahaha.

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