Company Trip Day 2

Second day was fun. We did a survey to understand our communication styles, had our individual and group presentations, a crazy canoe fight and built sandcastles.

That pic on the top right hand corner is for Nouman, cos he didn’t know the meaning of the hand signal. Hahahaha. And you can clearly see the 橙门 to our sandcastle, which helped us bag the 2nd position for this segment. :p In the evening, after some drinks by the pool side, we discovered a mahjong table and had one game. Ramdali surprised us all by playing with us. Hahaha. He’s one amazing fellow.

After that it’s some crazy drinking and I discovered that I’m a funny drunk. Lol. Halfway through the night (when I couldn’t even walk straight), I started washing the glasses and splashing water all over the sink. Like, rinse glass with water, and throw water collected in glass to the left. Everybody was laughing at me. That’s my handiwork in the first picture. Then later we got the guys to do 交杯酒 after we did ours. Nick started challenging all the girls to arm wrestling. Naturally, I lost. Haha. And we had a group photo taken. Only Crystal and Tee were sober. 😀

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2 Replies to “Company Trip Day 2”

  1. wow! it’s looks fun! believed you really have a superb time there =D
    u’ve been working late these days and we havent had time for catch ups. hopefully, we’ll see u soon next fri 😉

    take care! *huggies*

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