It’s All About Making Appearances

Our newly appointed Projects Director just revamped his wardrobe after his recent promotion (we need to put pics of him in his new wardrobe up on facebook!), and then dropped me a hint that I need to start projecting an image of confidence so that I can scale to greater heights. A discussion ensued where I told him shopping isn’t one of my hobbies, and I really like giving false impressions, as well as prancing around office like a crazy person. Haha. But basically his point is, I need to go from this:

to this:

I’ve always considered physical upkeep part of my job, which is why I shop if I have time, but it’s definitely not a hobby of mine. If I worked freelance, I’ll prolly never change out of my PJs. Haha. So, I made an effort to shop this weekend cos of his comment. To my delight, Jurong Point is having a mega sale until 31st Oct. 🙂 I spent a bomb, so my wardrobe allowance better be incoming. Haha.

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