First Week of Work in Summary

Time flies when you’re having fun (or just being plain busy). It’s the end of my first week of work at Convertium. I have no time to blog during office hours and I’m always out gallivanting after work… so, here’s an update today. Haha. :p

Due to lack of space in the office, I have my own room at work (My AC08 captain immediately asked if we had vacancies when he heard I have my own room hahaha). It’s a little semicircle shaped room that overlooks Chinatown. I call it the ‘little red room’ cos of the double red doors. When I have things to discuss with my colleagues, I’ll ask them if they’d like to join me in the little red room. Haha. It looks quite nice, but I don’t have my own drawers so I can’t put too much stuff in the office.

The View!

My Desk

I use Vista at work, and Microsoft Office 2007. Love MS Office 2007, but hate Vista for being slow on startup, otherwise it’s quite ok usually. Work-wise, the amount of technology we talk about at work is orgasmic. And we have a great design team as well. I’m really impressed by their work, cos I can’t design for nuts. Hahaha. And yes, my Operations Director wasn’t kidding me when she said they eat, live and breathe The Internet. I love the work we do. 🙂 The Internet used to be my hobby, now it’s my work. Amazing feeling.

And Nick Pan is my colleague? I used to read Pearl Pan’s blog a long time ago, when I first got to know the protag gang.

My boss’s last words to me end of yesterday was, “So fast it’s a week. Before you know it, it’ll be ten years.” Now, that’s a scary thought, another 10 years of the Internet? Hahaha. And yes, he reads my blog! He’s the ultimate web stalker. He knows my deepest darkest Internet secrets. Hahaha.

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  1. Lol, my friend having his first week too. He’s in banking though, I think I’m more related to yours. Didn’t know Nick Pan is your colleague, haha I read nick pan. Small World lah. Esp in the internet industry.

  2. You should have applied. My boss would have loved you, and you will love the designers. Their work is amazing. I didn’t know Nick Pan is my colleague too, until my first day of work. I had to ask my Operations Director whether this Nick Pan is the one married to Pearl Pan. Lol.

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