M1 Brighter

It was my last day of work on Monday. Wanted to have a low key last day, but a couple of my colleagues came to my cubicle specially to say good bye to me, so I felt bad if I didn’t take photos with them. And taking photos with one or two people means it’ll be bad if I don’t take photos with the rest of them. Haha. :p

I saved the photos as contact photos in my Centro’s contacts and were unable to extract them out. But they get synced with my Outlook so here’s a printscreen collage.

It was a short 9 months (enough time to have a baby!), but I made a lot of friends within this time period, and even got the chance to participate in the M1 Asia Challenge (which allowed me to make even more friends. :p), which was quite an experience. 🙂

I’m starting work at Convertium as a Project Executive this coming Monday. Looking forward to it. Don’t really know what to expect. Hehe.

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