Went to Sentosa with KC, MZ and MZ’s colleagues last Saturday. We bought the Sentosa Choice Package where we’re entitled to 3 Experience attractions and 1 Adventure attractions for $33.90. We chose The Merlion, Butterfly Park, Fort Siloso Tours and Sentosa Luge and Skyride. Some of the pics were taken with my Palm Centro, so the quality isn’t very good. I didn’t bring my digicam cos I thought MZ’s colleague will be bringing, but we kenna fly aeroplane by her colleague. Hahaha.

We started our day by taking the Sentosa Express.

Withmore and I on the Sentosa Express

MZ and I waiting for Siloso Beach Tram

On our way to Fort Siloso, we saw these animals outside Underwater World (which was along the way). One of the turtles was swimming lopsided and kept waving its fin out of the water surface, which looked really cute, but I didn’t manage to get a good shot.

While at Butterfly Park, we saw these butterflies frolicking on some branches. Looks quite nice, but I think KC and MZ were quite terrified of the bugs and butterflies. The bugs really grossed me out. Haha.

We ended the day at the Merlion. View from the top was really nice even though some parts were under construction. This picture is now the wallpaper on my phone. Hehe.

After so much walking on Saturday, my foot hurt like mad. It’s been hurting since the M1 Asia Challenge. I thought the pain will go away by itself, but it’s already been two weeks so I thought I’d go see a chinese sinsei about it. He told me that I’ve been exercising too much and he sent me home with a bandaged foot and two days worth of koyok.

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