M1 Asia Challenge

Went to Nirwana Resort at Bintan, Indonesia from April 10-12 last week for the M1 Asia Challenge. There were 5 teams participating from our company – M1 Risers (Male Category), M1 Surfers (Mixed Category. I realised I forgot to take a photo of them as I was blogging this! D:), M1 Flans (Mixed Category), M1 Sparks (Mixed Category) and M1 Trailblazers (my team!).

We took some photos at Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal while waiting to register and to board the ferry bound for Bintan. Everybody looks so happy and refreshed here, but we looked like crap during the competition. Hahaha. Sweaty, smelly and dirty. Didn’t manage to capture everybody in that disheveled state cos I didn’t want to risk my camera dropping into the water or me falling onto it.

M1 Risers – Teck Keng, Polo, Alex, Bryan, Ronald

M1 Flans – (back row) Hong Feng, Andy (front row) Song Wei, Nanz, Sinar

M1 Sparks – (Andy being extra) Rev, Guangjie, Serena, Alicia, Lawrence

M1 Trailblazers – Me, Jaslyn, Derrick, Thomas, Sern How

We came in 10th overall and won best M1 team. 🙂

Best M1 Team Trophy

More pictures under the cut.

All the Girls

Team Uniform!

This Year and Last Year’s Shirt

Some of our colleagues came to support us. I forgot to take photos with Brenda! D:

(standing) Me, Sinar, Cheryl (sitting) Jac, PN

Guangjie, Serena, Rev

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