Toy Poodle for Sale

I went to view a puppy for sale last night. It was going for a very cheap price at $700 and usually that breed sells for $2500 on average, but I’ve never seen it go below the price of $1000.  Sounds too good to be true? So I thought I’d take a look.

When I reached the owner’s place,the puppy kept running away from us. I never got a good look at the puppy throughout the whole visit (she maintained a distance of at least 2m around us). Her owner even had the cheek to happily say: “*giggles* like that considered very good already. Sometimes she pees if she’s over excited and usually she hides behind the curtain and barks at my friends.”

When we asked her if she socialised the puppy by bringing it out, she started making lots of excuses, and as we chatted further with her, it seems that she has kept many different breeds of dogs before, but in her house there was only this other 5 year old Maltese. I have a suspicion that she will buy any dog she fancies and if it doesn’t grow up well without training, she will just sell it away. She also kept using no time as an excuse and we could see very clearly that she just wanted to get rid of the dog.  MZ asked her if she brought the dog for grooming, she said, “aiya, why waste money? I do on my own.” Guess what? She stays in landed property ok. >.> And this poodle is the only poodle I’ve met that is not white and has tear stains.

So poor thing. I want to rescue her. 🙁

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  1. hey girl, cheer up! she’s going to be fine. dun worry.

    oh ya. all the best for ur asia challenge! jia you! and remember to enjoy urself 😉

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