Amigurumi Dolls

I recently discovered Amigurumi dolls on Etsy. It is a Japanese art of crocheting little stuffed animals.


Eager to learn how to crochet, I bought a mini crochet hook and some cheapo yarn from the craft shop at JP. I learned only enough to make Amigurumi dolls (mainly single crochet and decreasing). Wahaha. :p I also bought the two patterns below from Etsy. The bunny ears require me to know how to do a half double crochet, so that’s my homework for today. 🙂


I couldn’t find the required materials at the craft shop at JP and the lady was being pretty rude about knowing nothing about Amigurumi dolls. My colleague kindly pointed me to a shop at Bukit Gombak. I bought 3 balls of yarn from her and the required hooks. It’s a bit out of the way for me, but I like the lady at the shop, so I’ll drop by to get more materials next time. 🙂

Here are some of my favorite shops on Etsy that sell Amigurumi doll patterns or just the dolls: anapaulaoli, thetokicafe and AmyGaines.

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