Batam Cable Skiing

Went to try cable skiing at Batam with some of the colleagues I got to know from the Asia Challenge. It’s $80 for half a day (We arrived there at 11 plus and left at 4.10pm). We got a little bit of discount as we went in a big group. It’s really tiring and the top half of my body feels like it’s falling apart. I even got cramps in my fingers this morning. Hahaha. So lamey amy.

When we arrived, there was a dog there that ignored me completely and didn’t even sniff me once. It’s as if I’m part of the furniture to him. Maybe he doesn’t like Oreo O’s smell. He didn’t even come to me when I was eating! But he bothered Mijuan’s bf and Jae’s friend. Rawr. This is my first time being completely ignored by a dog, other animals are usually enamored with me. It kept walking away from me even when I tried to take a photo of him. I finally managed to snap the shot below when our lunch boxes arrived and he was sitting beside the counter where the boxes were stacked.


We later fed the dog with Coke Zero after he had happily eaten our leftovers from lunch.


Group Photo

View on Ferry Back

Edit: I bumped into Karuwai there. She was trying cable skiing for the first time as well. So coincidental. 🙂

Back (L-R): Brenda, Jaslyn
Front (L-R): Me, Janelle

I like my hair in this pic. Haha. :p

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