My First Outing with Smelly Dog

I brought smelly dog to SAVH (Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped) Dogathon 2008 yesterday.

Everything started out well. KC came to pick us up, with MZ and Teddy in the car. Oreo gave a few warning barks when he got into the car, but otherwise he enjoyed the ride. When we finally (you know how far my place is from Bishan) arrived at Bishan Park II, everybody got out of the car. That’s when things started going wrong.

Oreo cried immediately the moment he was out of the car, and as we walked to the pavement next to the carpark, he started peeing uncontrollably as he walked. It’s not the usual peeing or marking where he pees with his leg up, but he was peeing and walking at the same time. D: He was obviously horrified so we waited a while for him to calm down. But he didn’t feel better. He was just walking around and peeing uncontrollably. I decided to get him home asap as the situation was too stressful for him. I called my brother but he refused to come and fetch Oreo, so I had to ask KC to drive us back. I felt really bad about it cos it was too much trouble to commute back to Jurong again.

Back in the car, Oreo kept panting. He was too shag out from the panic attack and eventually fell asleep on my lap. I felt so bad for putting him through so much stress and just sayang him during the trip back. When he woke up, he actually turned around to look at me and smiled (you know, that doggie smile when dogs look might pleased with themselves? Something like this). Lol. That kuku bird. He must have thought that it was all just a dream. Ultimate short term memory man. Haha.

When we got home, he was ok again. And kept following me around the house (I’m his new best friend!) cos I brought him out for a spin. Really it’s just for a spin, car ride to Bishan and back, even though I originally planned to take him for the Dogathon.

Before bringing him out, I asked my brother a lot of questions before deciding to bring him out. I was under the impression that Oreo was adequately socialised. But his panic attack showed otherwise. I felt (and still do feel) really bad for putting him through such a stressful ordeal. He was really scared of unfamiliar surroundings. I wonder if my brother’s idea of bringing Oreo out is just between ECP and our place. So in Oreo’s experience, he’s only ok with ECP and home. >.>

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