This domain is an impulse purchase. I wanted felicitous.net, but it was being parked, so I started thinking of random names that people know me by off the top of my head. Some ideas I had:

  • Zulfang
  • Ellisha
  • Estrellalala (because both estrella.com and estrella.net are taken)
  • geekgirl/geekgurl/g33kgirl/g33kgurl (all taken)

Didn’t end up using any of my in game nicks because not a lot of people (meaning only my gaming friends) know me by those nicknames. Even though I’ve never used the nick geek girl, or any variant of it, a lot of my friends know me as a geeky girl. Plus, CS and MZ used to call me geek girl in the office, and g33k-girl.net wasn’t parked, so wa-la! I bought it.

I’m going to live with downloaded themes for a period of time, while I figure out how to create wordpress themes. 🙂

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