People, People.

I have friends who are disgusted by humanness. They wish that people were always rational, consistent, and beautiful. And I have friends who are enchanted by humanness. They wish that people were more unique, inconsistent, and blemished.

It doesn’t matter whether we feel let down or relieved when we learn that our idols are, in fact, people. Because they’ve always been people. They argue, they cry, they laugh, and they stumble.

But so do we.

Source: A Person After All

In our daily lives, we share common experiences with friends, coworkers, lovers, and random people we cross on the street. But those experiences aren’t as similar as we think or sometimes expect.

A guy and a girl may have intercourse. To her, it’s making love, but to him it’s fucking. A mother may discipline a child. To her it’s good parenting, to the child it’s tyranny. Two startup founders may work toward the same vision. To Dan, that vision is about people. To Wilford, it’s about technology.

Source: Different Vocabulary, Similar Experience

I’ve started reading this blog ever since Evie mentioned it in one of her LJ posts, and I really like these two posts.

I like people. I know I complain about them all the time, but deep down inside, I like people. I like observing people interact with one another, how some people are more easy-going than others and how others can start shouting at each other at the drop of a hat. I am fascinated with observing and trying to understand people, but like all men, I find it tough to understand why women do the things they do… When they’re not doing rational people things like working. :p

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