November Is A Month for Gifting

Both CS and PN just came back from holiday trips. CS and Cheryl brought me a test tube of flowers from Hokkaido. It’s very pretty and something that I really like. 🙂 It’s supposed to smell like Lavender, but the smell reminds me of something else… that I forgot the name to. Haha. Nonetheless, it’s still pretty. 🙂

PN got me a cute vietnamese girl from Hanoi. I put her with my photo frame and Eeyore on my desk. Looks real cute.

And this is Eva, my iPod Shuffle. During installation, there was a prompt for me to name the device and the name Eva just popped into my head. Haha.

A couple of weeks back, I nearly walked into Harvey Norman and bought an iPod on impulse. Luckily I didn’t and got this as a gift instead. Everybody’s reading my mind this year. Even when I popped my earphones on Eva to test her out, the very first song she started playing was 当你离开的时候 by Tanya, which I was thinking about in my mind at that moment. Lol.

The APAPA gang read my mind too, and got me a watch, something that I’ve been secretly wanting to save up and purchase.

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