D&D 2007

My mom made me a dress for our company’s Dinner & Dance, cos there’s S$200 to be won for every best dressed in each era. She was really excited about the event and kept asking me shoes how, makeup how, accessories how, bag how. Lol. Anyway, she made me a disco ball dress. It was really bulky and I had to go home and change into it before going out, instead of bringing it to office, changing into it and going straight from there. :p

The ladies from HR all dressed up as Samsui women, complete with changkul and rattan fan. So cute! But only one of them won best dressed for that era la. Haha. I didn’t win anything, not even for the lucky draw. My gf won a Creative Zen Touch 2GB though. :p

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  1. ur mum’s skill is as good! u look great and definitely fantastic in the silver pong-pong dress! i loved your hair-set! so cool and funky!

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