Phuket Highlights!

On Our Way There
Took some photos at Changi Airport, and the queue at Phuket Airport was freaking long. Haha. :p They gave me the window seat cos I’m a suakoo and don’t remember what it’s like to take a plane. Haha. I was so excited when the plane took off, JJ kept laughing at me. 😀

Orchid Garden

The Cow Is Furry!

Window Seat!

Crazy Shit Long Queue

We stayed at The Blue Marine Resort & Spa. Our room came with a king sized bed (shiok!), a bath tub that can fit 2 and you can have a threesome in the shower. LOL!

The Durex Is Not Complimentary! 120 baht

We traveled around in Tuk-Tuks, or the tour agency’s van or our tour guide’s car. Haha. Tuk-Tuk’s pricing is per trip, before you get on you gotta haggle with the driver.

The food at Phuket was bad, don’t be deceived by the pictures. But the airplane food weren’t too bad. 😀 We had tomyam soup and pineapple rice for almost every meal (sorta like trying to find the best one), until I got sick of it and we ordered fried glass noodles on the third night. Lol. Moreover the pineapple rice weren’t nice, tomyam soup not bad though. And as you can see, we stopped taking pictures of food on the 3rd day. LOL!

Lunch on Flight to Phuket

First Night Dinner

Second Night Dinner

Don’t Be Deceived by Their Expressions

More photos on my facebook. 🙂

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