Phuket Highlights! – Wat Chalong

Our guide brought us to Wat Chalong on the third day. Wat stands for temple. Luang Pho Chaem is one of the revered monks with a statue in the temple.

Luang Pho Chaem’s House Reconstructed

Our tour guide, Nina, has the exact same mannerisms as BJ, they both talk the same way, push their specs up the same way, wear their hair the same way and are both petite. The whole time I listen to her, it’s like looking at BJ.

With Our Tour Guide, Nina

Each day of the week has a position associated with it. I was born on a Thursday and it’s the meditation position. JJ’s born on a Monday, Su See on a Sunday and XJ on a Wednesday. But only JJ and I were doing the poses correctly. Lol.

More photos on my facebook. 🙂

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  1. hey! ur pics need to login to facebook to see lei. i dun have a facebook acct ;(

    oh ya, maybe i can consider switching to be a tour guide 😉

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