Phuket Highlights! – Phi Phi Island

On the second day, we went to Phi Phi Island. Transport arrived at 7.30 am (Bangkok time) but we were late 10 mins and the driver was so pissed and displayed symptoms of road rage. He practically flew us to the harbor. The ferry trip there and back were 2.5 hours each time. Half the day gone just like that. :/ We were advised against taking the speedboat cos it’s end of monsoon season and weather is a little unpredictable. But we saw so many speedboats overtaking us man. And they overloaded the ferry, both on the way there and back.

On Our Way There

Same Top!

*Push Her Down*

On Our Way Back
I look like a 落汤鸡… Hahaha

Second day was kinda boring and waste of time and money. 😡 5 hours spent doing nothing on the ferry, then we watched the Thai Girl show at night, which was a freaking waste of time and money as well. It was more expensive than the cabaret, in a sleazy part of town, and only two girls had secret skills. The rest was just soft porn which you can download online if you wanted to. >.> This picture is taken along the road with all the pubs and clubs. JJ bought me the horny hairband. :p

More photos on my facebook. 🙂

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