I’m So Blessed

My mom agreed to let me have the study room, so I started clearing out the room and cleaning it as well as giving it a fresh coat of paint (the color is called Cheer!). Marvin came over and helped with the painting and moving of stuffs. It’s just like old times where we spent our time chatting and having fun, and we were as companionable as can be. He’s already gotten over the breakup. 😡 We spent the whole of Saturday clearing the room and painting it.

Before: Room Covered in Fascination

After: Room Covered in Cheer

My dad asked me to develop the photo of us and my mom that we took during commencement day so that he can put it in his wallet. This really touched me a lot. I cried when I told Marvin about it. You know, when I was a kid and scored Top 3 placing in primary school, I didn’t even get a present? In fact, my form teacher gave me more gifts for my efforts than my own parents. I’m so touched that my dad wants to keep a photo of my commencement in his wallet that I totally feel that the hell I went through all 3 years was really worth it.

My dad even brought me furniture shopping today. He didn’t explicitly say it out, but I think it’s to reward me for my efforts all this while. I was so elated at Ikea, like a kid overwhelmed by the choice of toys available, and I chose a set of furniture that looks like the ones used by Nana (hachi) in Nana. 🙂 I’m gonna get frilly curtains and flowery bedsheets for my new double bed next. 😀

I always feel bad when people spend on me, prolly because my own parents don’t. But in recent years, they have spent so much on my education, my facial medicine (too bad it doesn’t work anymore, and all our efforts have been wasted. 🙁 ), my braces, I feel so much love from them in recent years that I never felt when I was young. Whenever I’m rushing my work through the night, my mom will brew liang teh for me, and my dad will come into my room and chat with me and ask me (i) not to worry about schoolwork, (ii) get some sleep or (iii) not worry about work. When I was looking for a job, he even told me that it’s ok if I can’t get a high paying job, he wants me to do something I like instead of worry about supporting them. I am so determined to earn more so that they can live an easier life. I don’t really like my dad driving a cab cos I know how tiring driving can be. :/

Actually, I’m thinking of throwing out both the chairs in my room cos the cushions have gone flat, and getting just one single chair, but I really like my dad coming into my room, sitting next to me and just chatting. Maybe I’ll replace them with two other hachi-ish chairs. 🙂

11 Replies to “I’m So Blessed”

  1. Cheer is a nice colour, bright and chirpy. =) Painted for a friend before last time… and you can see the room light up in an instant. =)

  2. Hehe, I wanted to buy the pink color called Sassy, LOL. Then I wanted something peachy, but ended up with something that looks like egg yolk. 😡

  3. heehee i have frosted doors for toilets.
    I bought lots of Glass acrylic paints and I havent use it…
    if u need any, let me noe.
    temporary using car decals & stickers

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