Old Passport Photos

I was clearing out my stuff earlier and I found a shitload of old passport sized photographs. And you know, BJ once commented that I suddenly 变美 after poly. Judging based on the photographs, she’s right! LOL.

Secondary School 1 – 4 (Left to Right)

I wore spectacles for a while when I was diagnosed with myopia in Primary 5. But it’s sorta like lazy eye. My right eye is lazier so it has a blurrer vision when forced to focus on its own. I don’t wear spectacles anymore. Anyway it was a school rule to have short hair, so.. ya. Lol. At this moment, it’s like the first time I cut my hair short since Secondary School.

P.S. I think I looked like Psyche in that photo that was taken when I was in Sec 2.

Poly Yr 1 – 3 till M1 1st Year (Left to Right)

I used to have that 庶务二科 hairstyle for a while, cos I was such a huge fan of Makiko Esumi from Shomuni, but I had problems with the parting, was always unable to let it fall naturally like hers.

It’s a pity we’re not forced to take photos annually in NUS, otherwise I can track my changes from that nice photo taken before M1, till now. Lol.

2 Replies to “Old Passport Photos”

  1. haha. this is called, nu da si ba bian. i’m sure u’re will be @ ur greatest when u have ur braces done, chio bu! 😉

  2. I dunno how to get back my complexion, the skin doctor no more supply le. 🙁

    Eh, how do I comment on your blog? Can you put a tagboard? LOL.

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