A lot of people could not recognise me at CS’s dinner. Either that or they were surprised I have dry and unhealthy short hair and/or pimples breaking out all over my face.

When people asked me what am I doing now, I just said, I just graduated. Didn’t want to use the opportunity to ask for jobs. I don’t think it’s nice to do that at a good friend’s wedding dinner.

I was very touched during the videos and the speech by the newlyweds, I teared a little. 😡 It’s like watching my son getting married off. Team 2 holds a very special place in my heart, which is irreplaceable. Even though we haven’t met up often during the 3 years I was drowning in NUS, when we meet up now, it’s as if we just met each other recently. We’re all so familiar and we still have so much to talk about and they are all so supportive of me. Unlike other people whom I met during the dinner just now. I haven’t met them in so long that I didn’t know what small talk to make at all.

I really think that I am very lucky to be able to meet everybody in Team 2 in this lifetime. I hope that we can all be good friends again in our next lifetime too.

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