Kailing accompanied me to the dentist and then we had dinner together at IKEA. I told her that I wanted to name my dog Buru and she asked me what it meant. Buru is named after Buru the Gorger from World of Warcraft cos I like the name. She told me not to name my dog after a monster cos it will turn out like one.

All the dogs that she knows that go by the name Angel are all really angelic and obedient. Her Feyon (which means flower according to her) is really pretty and nice and even a little haughty, while Kyren turned out to be like a 麒麟. She named her latest dog Romeo cos she hope that he will charm everybody. Then I asked her, so does Oreo remind you of an oreo biscuit? She said, at least he’s really black and silver. Lol. Cos her Romeo looks like salt and pepper now, even though his sister looks black and silver.

So I will have to think of a new name for “Buru”, since I don’t want to keep a little monster. I think one monster in Oreo is enough. I want to have a loveable pet who will perform quirky antics, like Guu. But naming a dog Guu will be a pain in the ass. Imagine saying, “Guuuuuuuu~~~~~~~ mum mum”, “Guuuuuuuuu~~~~~ sit!” or just shouting for “Guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu” to come here. It’s like how Hare screams for Guu in the anime. I will prefer a two syllable name. Lol.

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