HYP Presentation

Had my HYP presentation today. Damn xiong lei… Tan Gek Woo asked a lot of questions about my data analysis and that was the section I had minimal help from my lecturers. It was put together based on other existing papers and then I asked my lecturer to look through to see if it’s ok. D: She asked me if I know what I was doing for my data analysis. That is the question I was asking myself when I was writing that section. 🙁 I tried reading the resource Sharon gave me on ANOVA but couldn’t really understand it, heng she explained to me what ANOVA is. A lot of questions she asked me, I did look up the answers, but I forgot what the answers were. T_T Anyway she asked me to amend my report before soft copy submission. She’s really nice and made sure I understood the whole data analysis section. 😀

Heng Danny Poo only asked me about experiment design and my CAP. Haha. I’m so happy with my experiment design cos I totally understand what it’s talking about. Lol.

Sian man, report soft copy due on Monday and CS4252 exam on Monday too. Dunno Irene will chut what pattern.

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  1. Fang, jia you wor! =p oei, u didnt check out mz’s blog, cs is damn ****ing rich lor…….

    wa, suddenly cs becomes alive in our blogs’ comments. (>.<)

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