Reaching the Finishing Line

Term break over liao, going to collect data for my HYP soon. Meeting my prof tomorrow afternoon to go through the experiment website, hopefully she finally says ok and then I can collect data over the weekend, then we can analyse the data and I can concentrate on completing my report.

There’s this solo project for my GEM that I don’t know what to do with. It’s due in the same week as my HYP report. 🙁 And the group mates for one of my projects aren’t reliable. What to do, I dunno anybody in class. Luckily I have great group mates for my other 3 modules, so this sem is not as gloomy as previous sem.

I got my palm read by Master Khor today. He had a stall in the bazaar outside LT27 and my CS4255 groupmate said he’s really zun, so I jio muffin to get our palms read. Lol. He’s mostly accurate about my personality, but then predictions that he made about the future still needs to be verified. Lol. The things he said matched with the eight characters reading my mom had another master do for me last time. Interesting. :p

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  1. palm reading? cool!! the thingy abt the eight characters set, can be determined by a set of info. i remembered goin to this temple with QY and his family, then thid very old lady took out her *wu-lin-mi-ji*, ask for your individual *ba-zi* check on a matrix/table then read out ur personalities.. think it’s kinda generic ie. pple born in the same time range e.g. from 3pm to 5pm shares the same personalities set. =)

  2. Ya, the 8 characters reading is based on template one, but the master who did my 8 characters reading also asked me for my name, so he will do a reading based on my Chinese name as well as what my 8 characters template says. Like maybe your 8 characters not enough wood, then your name make up for it etc.

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