Pissed and Hurt


According to aisha’s blog… 时间不能让人忘记一切,只能让人习惯一切。 But, why does my heart still hurt as if she’s a boyfriend who dumped me?

Seriously, I don’t understand the single-handed part, but I still don’t have time to talk to her. Somehow, I dread the thought of talking about it. I don’t know what I will say, and I don’t think it’ll be a nice conversation either, considering how she behaved during our last outing.

Counting down to salvation, maybe 船到桥头自然直。Or maybe I will just 习惯一切。

Edit: Lolololol, thought about it on one of the buses this morning. Neh mind la, she also don’t understand my life, and I don’t have time to understand her life… so this is the single-handed part cos she got more time to do things so she think she’s the only one doing things. Which is true in a sense. 我明白了。

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