Birthday Bash!

As usual, we had an exams heng heng meal plus birthday dinner before going for KTV. Gunawan went to his department’s BBQ and missed all the good food. Lol.


Coincidentally, JJ decided to wear 情侣装 with me. Needless to say, Liz was jealous as hell so they shared a lot of sweet moments inside the KTV. Paparazzi pics of them are in ZY’s phone. Lol.


The girls brought in the cake as the birthday song started playing on the TV. What a pleasant surprise. But it was one of those songs with a kuku MTV. Lol. EC’s birthday was on Monday, so it’s a combined celebration. JJ wanted me to wish that she’ll win Toto, but that would mean using up that single wish, so I was busy wishing I’ll have 10 more wishes so that I can wish for my own stuff as well as wish that she’ll win Toto. Lol.


There were two candles on the cake, one for each of us to blow out. Lol. The funny part was, they forgot the candles when they went to get the cake, so one of them called Ai Shi and asked her to bring the candles out nonchalantly, but she missed their call and when she tried calling back, they didn’t pick up or something. Cos I saw her walk out of the room to make the call. And then suddenly 姐妹 ran into the room and ran out with the candles. Lol. So I said: They forgot the candles. Hahaha. ZJ asked me not to act smart, then WG said, why don’t you be guai lan and follow them out. Lol. Talk about being guai lan he was the one being all smug when he found the cake we bought for him during chalet. Lol.


They got me an orange Adidas jacket for my birthday. Orange cos it’s my favorite color, and also it’s going to bring me luck for my exams since it’s so bright. Lol.



They made us model our jackets while deciding where to go next.


Eventually we decided to head over to Mind’s Cafe for some late night games. We played this board game called Sequence and my team got trashed by JJ’s team. Lol.


I had a great time though I was tired as hell the next day. Thanks for all the fun and the heng heng jacket!

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