Lan Jiao Lang

Everybody knows that there will always be lan jiao lang in the world, which led me to thinking: If they can be lan jiao langs, why can’t I be one too? I tried, but I’m still too polite to be one, even though sometimes I can be fucking guai lan.

Went out for KTV with my M1 ex colleagues today. It feels so good to be with them, to talk to them, to listen to their experiences. They make me feel like going out to do things, and not play the actions out in my dreams. But when I reached home and I sit down in front of the computer, I am back to being the lam nua person I have degenerated into. QQ! But still, I enjoy their company, and they will still be with me when I go to work. I can go back to being a nice motivated individual after I graduate. Hahaha.

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