2nd Day of School

8 am lecture in the morning today. I feel like dying now, but got to stay awake for a couple more hours to finish up my freelancing work. The client wants a major change made to the main homepage even though it is very late in the timeline. >.> WL isn’t very happy about it. Scared me for a bit cos I thought he wasn’t happy about my work performance.

Bumped into CessyPoo in school today. She was there to accompany Aileen for an audition with Dance Blast!. She didn’t change her clothes! Wearing the same fit-for-clubbing outfit she was wearing when I bumped into her at Orchard with Panda. Her defense is that she really is going clubbing today. :p And I finally met Aileen. Been reading about her from Cessy’s blog so often. Hehe.

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